Architecture – Modeling the Face of the Earth


Architecture is defined as the activity of designing and constructing buildings. It reflects society and affects the way in which it develops. The design of any type of system is known as architecture. Since time immemorial, the profession of an architect has played a key role in the development of building, urbanism, urbanism and landscape architecture. In reality, it is the design of a total built environment.

The profession of an architect was developed for purposes such as shelter, security, worship and much more. Old people understood the need for buildings and gradually began to build with raw materials such as rocks, trees, etc.. Gradually this became a profession of craftsmanship. There were several eminent architects all over the world who gave the planet a new appearance. Each country has different varieties of architects in its favor. If you look at the ancient civilizations to the modern world there are tremendous changes. It is considered a cultural and political symbol of each country. Architectural works identify each country. Some of the important works are the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal of India, etc., which are still preserved as monuments.

Ancient architectures such as the Egyptian, Greek, Indian, African, Etruscan, Inca, Mayan, Persian, Roman, Sumerian, etc. are works that are still admired with pride. There are many attractive and wonderful works all over the world. Each architectural work had its own style. Almost all the works of the Romans were based on the dome. African architectures resembled the ancient Egyptians and in the 19th century, African architects adopted European styles. Indian architecture is famous for its temples, palaces, and fortresses. The Indian style of architecture includes Hindu temple architecture, Islamic architecture, classical western architecture, and postmodern architecture. But in Chinese architecture, more emphasis was placed on the horizontal axis. Meanwhile, European architecture has a variety of works ranging from classical to eclecticism. All architectural works from all countries show their cultural, political and social configuration.

Little by little, after the Second World War, modern architecture became popular. According to some historians, a modern architecture developed because of social and political revolutions. But others believe it is due to technological and engineering advances. The main reason for the development of modern architecture can be said to be the industrial revolution. New building materials such as iron, glass, steel, and concrete played a key role in the growth of modern architecture.

There are many schools and colleges of architecture all over the world. Many people are interested in continuing their studies in architecture. With the rapid development of the world, architects have ample job opportunities. This is a profession in which you can explore new ways of life, research new technologies, materials and much more. Architecture is a person who has power and influence in today’s society. Companies large and small in the world of architecture need manpower with creativity and skills. If you are a person who needs to be part of the development of society, then this is the right profession.

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