Artwork – Ideas for simple works of art


There are many DIY ideas, easy works of art that anyone can do without spending a lot of money. A little creativity and a good dose of energy can be a big help when creating artwork for your home.

Framed Fabric Art

Framing the canvas is such an easy idea that anyone can do it without spending a lot of money. If you already have fabrics and photo frames out there, this is a FREE way to add artwork and change your walls. Simply attach your fabric with spray adhesive or fabric glue to a piece of cardstock or cardboard and insert it into the frame. Buying fabric for this project shouldn’t cost much because you don’t need a large amount. If you have an old frame that doesn’t match the fabric you want to use, a few coats of spray paint will transform it for just a few dollars. Second-hand stores are also good places to find cheap frames to paint. Create a matching group of fabrics, use a matte or let a frame stand on its own. Use your creativity to create your own unique and affordable DIY artwork.

Books and Calendars

Books and calendars are a great place to find cheap DIY artwork. If you don’t object to tearing pages from a book, you can find some amazing treasures to decorate your walls. Just tear it out carefully and cut it to size. Put it in a frame and that’s it. The same goes for calendars. Use previous books and calendars that you already have, or buy from the liquidation section of any bookstore. This also works very well for children’s rooms. Just pages from a favorite children’s book. Try using something that looks vintage or a book with children’s rhyming themes to add charm. If there’s a particular artist or artwork that you love, but can’t afford, look for a book with those artists’ images and frame yours instead. You’ll save money and still have beautiful works of art to enjoy.

Use Paint

There’s no need to hang anything on your walls if you dare with your painting. The do-it-yourself artwork is not much easier than that. Create a pattern of painted squares on your wall, or let a single square stand on its own. Use masking tape from painters and a level to achieve a uniform square pattern. You can be very creative using different colors, sizes, and arrangements. If you want a variety of colors, but don’t want to spend as much money on those paint cans, try using a sample size instead. They are usually only two to five dollars per sample and come with more than enough paint for this project. Most of them come in a flat finish, but if you want something a little brighter, gently rub a little poly (available at any home improvement store) on each square before removing the tape.

Pressed Botanicals

Just take a walk and you’ll find everything you need to create your own pressed botanical artwork. This project couldn’t be easier. Try to find vegetation, leaves and flowers that are flat. Hold the green in your frame and cut to size if necessary. Then place it between two pages of a book (preferably one that you don’t mind too much as the pages may deform or wrinkle slightly). You can play with the shape of the botanist by bending it to the right or left before closing the book. Stack lots of heavy books at the top and let them rest for a whole week. Gently remove and secure it to its backing paper with a little rubber cement. Just use enough to prevent it from sliding into the frame. That’s all there is to it. Pressed botanicals look great and provide more impact when hung together in a group. So go out and collect all the FREE DIY artwork you want. To save money on frames, change photos of existing frames or use spray paint to give second-hand store frames a new look.

Foam Core Art

Instead of using a frame for your photos or artwork, try mounting them on a foam core for a simple, modern look. If you have not yet discovered the beauty of the foam core, a fantastic discovery awaits you. It is a very cheap alternative to traditional frames and can save you a lot of money on very large pictures you may want to hang. Simply place your image on the foam base plate and draw a line around it. Cut the foam core into the lines with an x-acto knife. Apply the spray adhesive directly onto the foam core and press the image into place.

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