Nature Photography


The term Nature Photography refers to a great genre of photography that deals with the natural elements that occur and large open-air spaces.

Some of the themes of Nature Photography would be Wildlife and animals, flowers, trees or plants, spiders, snakes and insects, landscapes, seascapes, nd other land formations. Photographic views can range from extreme macrophotographs or close-ups to large triptych-style panoramic photographs. Unlike documentary photography and fine art photography, which deal with an artistic theme or point of view, nature photography usually aims to be more aesthetically pleasing. Nature photography tries to express the beauty of its object through color, depth and perspective.

Nature photography is a very broad term and therefore contains many subcategories. Some of the most popular categories and themes are Wildlife, Landscapes, Marine Landscapes, Plants and many more.

Wildlife photography is about the animal kingdom, from elephants to manure beetles, from salmon to sharks, from penguins to potted pigs. Wildlife photographers try to capture their subjects in their natural habitats and in their normal behaviour.

Landscape photography attempts to capture the great nature of our environment. The subjects of landscape photographers are usually masses of land, mountains and mountain ranges, sunsets and cloud formations, waterfalls and coastal views. The presence of human beings is often devoid of landscape photos in an attempt to capture the raw beauty of a scene that is not hindered by man’s hand.

Seascape Photography seeks to capture the sea and its multiple faces. The presence of humans or animals in seascape photography is neither mandatory nor prohibited. There are many beautiful panoramic views of the ocean with a whale or boat present. The seascapes are also related to the beach scene category, which would include beaches, water, coastline, tropical scenes and perhaps a sunset.

Plant photography deals with all forms of plant life, from flowers to vegetables, from trees to moss. Plant photography usually deals with close-ups, stills and macro photography. Flowers and extreme close-ups are a popular theme of plant photography.

Nature photography is a big category in itself, as all the many subcategories could technically be called nature photography, as they are clearly under the umbrella of nature.

Some of the most famous nature photographers would be Ansel Adams, who pioneered landscape photography with his incredible black-and-white photographs of beautiful landscapes around the United States. Another would be Galen Rowell, who was a photojournalist and became famous for his beautiful landscape photography. Other names include William Henry Jackson, Eliot Porter, David Muench and Philip Hyde, among others.

Nature remains the most popular category of photography today. Whether nature photos are taken professionally or by an amateur vacationer, the Nature Photography category remains strong and is here to stay.

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