Children’s Crafts

Children’s handicraft in Russian folk style. Doll amulet to make yourself from fabric and thread: Step-by-step instructions, master class. History, description, value and photos of the watch dolls.

Not so long ago we talked on the pages of “Cross” about why our Slavic ancestors created doll amulets. Here we show each beach doll in more detail, explain why and how you can make it with your own hands.


Birdwatching – ritual doll used to attract spring. For spring in early March the women who were the most important actors got married. At the ceremony the young girls put on light clothes and went beyond the edge of the village to demand spring. They were hats in the form of birds decorated with fur edges and feathers, i.e. the women themselves appeared in the form of birds because they believed that spring flies on the wings of a bird.

Even there there was such a sign – if the bird sits on a woman’s head, arm or shoulder, she will be happy all year round.

This doll lets a woman feel her fate and attractiveness. It is made of birch wood.

Doll Veduchka or lead to life

Veduchka always made a woman who wanted to be a good mother, always wanted to understand what her child wants, and educate it properly. This doll has a special structure: the hands of mother and child are one. Such a turn symbolizes unity, close relationship, love and intimacy of mother and child.

The Veduchku doll Mom must be manufactured by her child itself with own hands, so that the amulet has more strength and protects it more reliably. And to make such a doll of the powers of a mother who has at least the initial sewing abilities.

Overcoming grass

Charm doll overcoming grass carries a special sign of the sun – the sun symbol.

It is believed that all sun signs are very strong defenders. That is why our ancestors treated this community with respect! It is also called the double sign of fire, which is a very important and Slavic talisman because it protects a person from all kinds of diseases and misfortune. The Slavs dedicated the Keeper of Odole-Grass to God Svarog and Radunits.

The guardian’s action increases at the time when the child laughs or good deeds are performed. It was believed that the Odolene-Grass doll could ward off a person’s “evil charm”, and therefore it has always been a special relationship in Russia!

To strengthen the action of the talisman “Odolen-Trava” sentenced:

“Ward of Grace, help to defeat evil people, so they do not think badly of me, so they do not want evil, do not do evil! Slavic charm Odolen grass, help you to withdraw all lateral eyes, bad words and bad things! “


Kubyshka-Travniza – medical doll magic that purifies the air in the house and prevents diseases. Normally it was placed in the part of the house where the air stood still or hung over the cradle of a child. Before going to bed it was necessary to crumple a bag of herbs to fill the room with aroma, then the air will heal and everyone will sleep better.

Actually the body of Kubyshki-Travnitsa – this is the bag that is filled with medicinal herbs. The use of the jug depends on the herbs with which the bag is filled.

If you want the doll to have a calming effect, fill it with fresh sawdust, bark, pine and buckwheat needles or feverfew, lemon balm and chamomile in the pharmacy.

A small master class about the creation of Kubyshki-Travnitsy with your own hands, see the video of the “Academy of Development”:

Types of herbs and their effects

MINT – contributes to the improvement of mental activity. There is a legend that the mint was named after the goddess Cents, who embodies spirit, memory and common sense. It was believed that students at the time of the examinations or those who study philosophy are a difficult science and must wear a mint wreath. Mint contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial substances, namely phytoncides.

Lavanda – has high antibacterial properties and also lavender has a pleasant aroma. It helps you to eliminate severe headaches, high pressure or relieve pain with intracranial pressure.

Melissa – has a mild hypnotic effect, is used in heart rhythm injuries (relieves heart rhythm disturbances) and also relieves the nervous tremor that some people have at night. Even more balm lowers blood pressure slows down your breathing

TIER – Used for insomnia and neurasthenia.

CABBER – has always been considered a major antiseptic. Thyme is also anti-inflammatory, analgesic, expectorant, bronchodilatory, antispasmodic, etc. It is also used as a weak sleeping pill. Thyme is used for bronchitis and painful cough.

SOUL – has a calming effect. And also with angina kills the microbial flora.

A doll Krupenichka and a rich man

Slavic doll amulets Krupenichka and Reicher Mann bring abundance into the family. Dolly Krupenichka is also called Zernushka, Zernovushka or Pea. Krupenichka looks simple, but has a great symbolic meaning, therefore she has the status of a “main doll in the house”.

For the ancient Slavs, the main food was porridge, which they believed gave “powerful vitality”, so the process of growing grain is of great importance. Thus, when sowing grain, the first grains were taken from the bag of these dolls, as they had the meaning of the “rescued powers of the Earth nurse”.

Slavs believed that once the earth gave birth (gave birth) to a harvest, the earth means that the image that this harvest gives is feminine. Krupenichka is therefore more important and the rich man is dependent on her help.

Initially flax or sackcloth was used in the production of Krupenichki, while buckwheat grain was poured in. And it was much appreciated because it was rare and the attitude to it was special. At the end of the 19th century Krupenichka began to fill with millet, wheat and peas. Hence the names Zernovushka and Pea.

After the new harvest has ripened, the doll is filled again with fresh grain, covered and placed in the red corner or in the kitchen, but always in a prominent place. Krupenicek was always given into the hands of the guests or given to children to play with, as it was believed that the more people would hold it, the more energy would be given to the grain in the doll, and then the next year would be successful for the family, they would be lucky and not hungry. Spelt coins could also be invested in dolls.

Russian Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga always associated with evil and deceit, an evil witch who lives in a deep forest. But that is not so! Baba Yaga is a good helper and a sensible advisor. She will always tell you where to find living water or the firebird, how to protect yourself from enemies or how to find faithful friends.

Baba Yaga can be a very good talisman and keeper of the herd. It is hung on the windows or doors as a charm at home. As they say, they leave “their own, but sweep out their own”, so they do it with a broom or brush.

In Russia, a rowan tree was treated with awe, just like mother! It’s just that they never broke a rowan because they knew how strong their protective qualities were.

Hence the existence of such a guardian doll in Russia Rowan. It symbolizes motherhood, feminine wisdom, home, is a talisman of family happiness and preserves true love from misfortune.

Ryabinki dolls celebrated their birthdays four times a year and did it only when the fruit ripened – in autumn on the fourth birthday. A person who does not know the true power of a rowan, a flexible and small tree, sees in its branch a symbol of Perun’s mace (rowan is the berry of Perun, the god of thunder).

The Charm Doll has magical properties when it consists of a Rowan branch on a crossbeam.

She will be able to relieve depression or damage from the evil eye to protect herself from the energy of the dead world. To do this, the small ashes must be hung in front of or near the entrance door – like a warrior she protects them and does not let the negative into the house.

Wealthy fills the house with joy, brings wealth and prosperity into it, blocks the penetration of malignant forces. If you want to give this charm, then give your wishes.

The doll must be made one day, it is impossible to transfer the process to the next.