Decorating Kitchen Walls

5 simple ideas for decorating kitchen walls.

  • Color: Designer Secrets
  • Add open shelving – a new trend in interior design
  • Carefully organized kitchen wall
  • Make the kitchen unique with the help of slate

If you want to see fresh design magazines looking for ideas for decorating kitchen walls but don’t have time for extensive repairs and refurbishments, we have simple and easy to follow decoration tips for you. We’ll tell you how you can turn your kitchen into a valuable part of any magazine. These ideas are remarkable because they are easy to combine – you can use one or more.

When we see objects at eye level, the most noticeable changes in the design of the kitchen should touch the walls. Most of the time, however, most of the decor elements go on household appliances, worktops and various kitchen appliances while the walls are not in use.

What do you see when you enter the kitchen – boring, boring walls? Or maybe even worse – some decorations in the form of imitations of plants and fruits? It’s time to make adjustments.

Updating the design of kitchen walls with simple but effective solutions from a design point of view will create a visible visual effect. Here are 5 ideas for decorating the kitchen that will turn dull walls into a real source of inspiration.

1st colour: designer secrets

Color is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to update a room. But the magnificent, colourful kitchens don’t come by themselves. The secret is a three-stage colour scheme:

Color 1: This is the main color of the design of the kitchen, which can not be changed. Perhaps this is the colour of the worktops or kitchen furniture.

Color 2: Neutral shadow of your choice. Use it to paint the walls so that it complements the color 1. It will serve as a good background for decorating the kitchen.

Color 3: The color that makes your kitchen unique. Usually this is a bright, unexpected color that interacts well with the overall color scheme. Colour 3 adds a bright visual accent to the kitchen interior. Use it in detail, like chairs, vases or kitchen utensils.

The best way to find the perfect colour scheme for the kitchen is to add the colour probes in the desired shades and combine them until you find a combination that suits you. Once you’ve decided on your ideal colour scheme, remember which shades you later used to purchase matching accessories.

The best ideas for furnishing the kitchen begin with accents

Try to look at your kitchen through the eyes of the guest who first came here. Go through the kitchen and think about what catches your eye. Do you like what you notice? And if not, what do you want to emphasize? Make this place in the kitchen and the adjacent wall an accent piece of the interior.

Accents in the interior – you can tell immediately. Against the background of the overall design of the kitchen, the accent is always bright and unique. Try one of the following steps to accentuate the wall:

Paint the wall in a light, saturated shade (one of these three that you have chosen as the colour scheme for the kitchen);

Hang a large image / photo / another sample of beautiful art on the accent wall;

Cover the wall or its part with textured wallpaper or wallpaper with a picture.

Make an accent wall, don’t be afraid – it’s just a wall.

Add open shelves – a new trend in interior design

If you’ve already updated the kitchen design with a fresh, stylish colour scheme and accent wall, it’s time to add new layers to the interior. One of the latest trends in kitchen design is open shelving in the absence of hanging kitchen cabinets. This makes the kitchen look brighter and more spacious, but you have to hide the unsightly plastic utensils in the remaining lockers.

Instead of getting rid of hanging cabinets, try updating the design of one of the kitchen walls by attaching one or two high-flying shelves. Such shelves can be very different, and they are easily attached. Do not force the shelves with a large number of items and try to ensure that these items are combined in colour with the colour palette of the kitchen.

If you want big changes, remove the doors from the hinged sluices and paint or decorate their back walls. So you get finished open shelves. And to revive these shelves, attach LED lights to the bottom of the shelves to highlight the beautiful utensils and crockery on the shelves. If the cable to the lockers is problematic, buy lamps that run on batteries.

Carefully organised kitchen wall

Make your kitchen unique and give it a unique character. Photo and art galleries on the walls are a very popular design element that is mentioned in a number of design magazines, because such “exhibitions” are really unique and always interesting. Collect all your favorite images and pictures (or other collectibles) and decorate them with the kitchen wall.

Ideas for decorating wall galleries include such decorative elements:

  • Album artwork inside;
  • Baskets;
  • Patterns of wallpaper or fabrics inside;
  • Vintage dishes;
  • empty vintage frames in various shapes and sizes;
  • all kinds of mirrors.

There are no strict rules for designing a wall gallery. Symmetrical organization, arrangement in the form of a pattern or completely arbitrary – any approach is good. To save time (and nails) before you hang your collection on the wall, place it on the floor – this will make it easier to see how and at what distance from each other to hang items.

Make the kitchen unique with the help of a slate

A black slate bench is inexpensive – and it’s a great way to decorate a wall. Black color is a rich, attractive look, and besides, such a color will be a wonderful background for your ever-changing drawings and chalk inscriptions.

If there’s not enough room on the wall, the door or wall of the locker is also a good place to put the board on (and write lists or a lunch menu). Don’t forget the levels: Hanging shelves or a small gallery make your slate painted wall truly unique and inspiring.